Episode #6: Mad Men & Winning Women


MAD MEN AND WINNING WOMEN: the Christmas special in which we talk about tap-dancing in the office, channel our inner Roger Stirling and fight over who’s the most Peggy. Plus: our favourite episodes and a Mad Men poem.

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  • Here's Peggy walking into McCann-Erickson:
  • And Megan singing Zou Bisou Bisou *shudders*:
  • Dr Mona Rautelin’s article on ‘Cryptic Pregnancies and their Legal Consequences in Pre-Modern Finland’ was published in Social History of Medicine Vol. 28, No. 4 (2015), pp. 663-685. Read it here;
  • Here's Don’s visit to Peggy in hospital:

They've certainly come a long way from season 1, episode 1...

It’s partly about verisimilitude, yes. Weiner, and thus his staff, are fixated on nailing the details to a granular level. There aren’t just vintage Selectric typewriters on set: If you see a stack of typewritten pages on a desk, those have been typed—not printed on a computer, but typed, even the pages stacked underneath. The theory is: Even if the audience never sees it, the actors will. The Rolodexes are filled with actual vintage cards with KLondike-5-style numbers. (The production department has been an excellent customer for L.A.’s vintage shops, not to mention Craigslist and eBay.) When fruit bowls were stocked, Weiner vetted the apples and bananas—because the fruit at the time was smaller than today’s hypertrophied produce. Actresses were discouraged from working out too intensely, because the 1960s had some meat on its bones.
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  • Charlotte recommends The Suitcase (season 4; episode 7), which Logan Hill recapped for The Vulture here. She also mentions the scene from Tomorrowland from the same season (episode 13), where Joan and Peggy discuss Don’s engagement to Megan.


…is ‘The Times’ by Leah Umansky, from Don Dreams & I Dream. Follow Leah on Twitter @lady_bronte.

I thought I’d hate Don, like everyone else, but I don’t.
I long for him the way kids long for the turning of
the Ice Cream Man. I hear that elevator door DING
and I rise on up.

Sure, he’s troubled like the rest of them, but beneath that
designer suit is a good, strong man. He’s a warrior.
He treats Joan like she came out of that goddamn Trojan Horse
with the soldiers, all woman, all beauty and all power-hungry
as hell. She’s everything a man is and more. Don can’t plead
with Joan; she’s a woman who’s ready to kill her darlings.
Peggy resists all the clichés and wraps herself in strength.
She takes Don on in a way that children learn how to fight
back tears.
This is tough-love at its finest.
It’s a man’s world, but not for all of us.


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